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Area 1CumberlandCA1 2UELast Saturday 10am-3.30pm MONTHLY (except Aug & Dec)
KeswickCA12 5NZ3rd Thursday at 10am-2.30pm MONTHLY
KendalLA9 4BH3rd Saturday 2pm-4pm MONTHLY (except Aug)
LancasterLA 4NP1st Saturday 10.30am-12.30 MONTHLY
North LonsdaleLA11 7NU2nd Tuesday 10am-3pm MONTHLY (except Aug)
Area 2BoltonBL6 7BG3rd Tuesday 7.00-9.00pm MONTHLY
Lytham St. AnnesFY8 1BJ3rd Wednesday 7.15pm MONTHLY
PrestonPR2 1ES1st Saturday 10am-4pm MONTHLY (except Jul & Aug)
ParboldWN8 7DN2nd Saturday 2pm MONTHLY
PendleBB12 9EU1st Monday 2-4pm MONTHLY
RochdaleOL12 7QE3rd Thursday 1.15-4.15pm MONTHLY
Area 3Cheshire Borders & ChesterS14 8AU2nd Tuesday 10.00 for 10.30am MONTHLY
Isle of ManIM2 5HZ4th Friday  at 7.30pm MONTHLY
MerseysideL18 6JJ3rd Saturday MONTHLY
North WalesLL28 4SD Speaker 4th Monday 7.30pm Members Days 3rd Thursday 10am-3pm
WarringtonWA1 3DU1st Thursday 7.30-9.30pm MONTHLY (except Jan & Aug)
WirralCH43 4UE3rd Thursday 7.30pm MONTHLY (except Aug & Dec)
Area 4AltrinchamWA14 3BQ2nd Wednesday 10.15am-3pm MONTHLY (except August)
Chelford & north CheshireSK11 9AS3rd Wednesday 7.30 pm MONTHLY
Glossop & DistrictSK13 7ASLast Wednesday 1pm-3pm MONTHLY
MacclesfieldSK11 8RS3rd Thursday 1.30-3.30pm MONTHLY (except Jul & Aug)
ManchesterM14 6EQ1st Saturday MONTHLY (except Aug)




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