About us

Who and What is the North West Region of The Embroiderers’ Guild?

The Embroiderers’ Guild was formed in 1906 and is the UK’s leading creative charity for the purpose of preserving the rich heritage of embroidery.  The Head Office in Aylesbury holds an amazing collection of embroideries that dates back to the early 17th Century, as well as modern pieces today.

In today’s times the name Guild can be somewhat unappealing or intimidating.  Suggesting that you have to be some sort of expert in the field of embroidery.  This is so far from the truth!  The Embroiderers’ Guild welcomes all ages and all abilities.  The only criteria recommended is the interest in stitching, embroidery or the modern day textile art.  You will be surprised at how warm and friendly are members and branches are.  If you are interested but uncertain, please contact us for more information and we will be able to direct you to a branch in your area, where a warm welcome awaits.

The Guild has 270 Branches and Young Embroiderers Groups in the UK and Ireland, organised in 10 Regions, of which we are one of them.

The North West Region has 22 branches, and is divided into four Areas. Dividing the Region in this way enables more inter-Branch activities and this is achieved with the help of Area Representatives.  We are also very excited about our Young Embroiderers and they are well represented within our region.

We are a very active region. At this current time several branches are holding branch exhibitions and some Branches are celebrating their 25th Anniversary, in fact North Wales has just celebrated their 45th Anniversary.

We will keep you informed of these events in future posts. Branches also run workshops, attended by members, and details of these can be found on their sites.

We try to keep our region fun and inspiring and each year we hold a Regional Summer School, which is held at the accommodating Waddow Hall in Clitheroe.  You can find out more information  on our What’s on Page!

Every year our Regional Day is hosted by a different branch, at a venue near to them. With such a large region, this ensures that members will be able to easily attend one within an easy travelling distance, on a regular basis. This is generally held at the end of April.

The young are our future stitchers so we try or best to include and motivate the Young Embroiderers’. Many Group Leaders, and their helpers work closely with the young ones and you can see lots of samples of their work here.


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